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Who are we?
New Clouds Limited, has been established in North Cyprus to provide you with professional service in buying your new house in North Cyprus. We design, construct and sell properties in Kyrenia area in North Cyprus. Our web site is designed not only to show you what we have to offer, but to help you in your decision when buying villas, flats, bungalows or any other house in North Cyprus. You can follow our links to receive information on our villa offers in North Cyprus. We have properties ranging from (British Pounds prices) £45,000 all the way up to.£180,000. All your investment needs in North Cyprus can be accomodated by our company.

Why choose New Clouds?
Properties in North Cyprus are very attractive with affordable pricing and value-for-money. Prime locations are offered at very reasonable prices by our company. We use international engineering standards for our construction practices. We take pride in our quality and completion timeframes. Our villas and apartments have a ten year construction guarantee against structural defects. We use state of the art laser equipment during all phases of construction to eliminate deviations from architectural and engineering plans. Our engineers do dynamic, as well as static simulations to ensure earthquake-proof structures. You are a valued customer and you deserve to have the best in the market!

Read before you buy in Cyprus...
All our detached villas and apartments have parcelation and construction permits enabling buyers to get individual title deeds for each house. You can read more on our buyer's guide page on what to look for when buying a house in North Cyprus. There are details that you should carefully examine to make sure you are buying the right property. We suggest you email us with any questions you may have on rules and regulations and we will provide assistance at no charge. We are here to help...

Investors, Land in North Cyprus
Our developments in North Cyprus are all built on Internationally recognised land with clean Turkish Cypriot titles and bear no risk to the purchasers. We try hard to make sure our clients are happy ones. Investors are also welcome for bulk purchases and joint venture opportunities. Please email us for further information.

Upcoming Services
Due to numerous emails we have received so far from our visitors on our web site, we will be starting a rental assistance service on our web site for properties in North Cyprus. Please email us for further information. This service will be offered to our clients to assist them in renting their villas or apartments. Our office in Nicosia - North Cyprus can assist you in pool maintenance, rentals, sales, after sale services, cleaning services and gardening. We follow up all your requests and you are guaranteed to have a timely response back from us.

Some Free Advice About Your Investment in Cyprus...
Buy off-plan and make money. Once the properties near finish, the prices will be 15-20% higher. You can make money just by acting fast! Our existing clients have made an average of 20% on the value of their properties before they even moved in.
Be careful about the quality... Keep in mind that your property is going to last a lifetime. You might as well spend a few more Pounds for quality. It pays off in the future.
Location location location... Choose the right location. Make sure electricity, water and telephone are readily available. Remote locations will not appreciate in value merely because the views from the area are right! Keep close to the major cities. Watch out for infrastructure in the vicinity. It may take years before you get connected...

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